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Traditional lenders usually have strict criteria approving mortgages, so getting one can often be easier said than done for many people. But that doesn’t mean that you will have to delay or even give up on your mortgage dream.

While other lenders are taking an increasingly harder position when evaluating credit value, Seek Mortgages’ private mortgage offers a hassle-free solution. We can arrange a fast private mortgage loan for both private and commercial purposes if your circumstances make a traditional mortgage difficult.

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What Is A Private Mortgage?


While mainstream mortgage lenders would be likely to decline applications that do not meet their strict criteria for lending, a private mortgage lender considers much broader criteria for approval.

Private mortgage lenders like Seek Mortgages can offer more understanding as well as more realistic options without bias. We can provide Private mortgages for a wide variety of residential, commercial, and other business-based properties.

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Who Can Apply For A Private Mortgage?


Almost anyone can apply for a private mortgage with Seek Mortgages. Borrowers with bad credit, low document requirements, a need for fast funding, poor credit history with banks, and more.

Some borrowers have recently had an application for a home loan rejected by the bank, whereas others are very confident they won’t get approved. People who don’t have a lot of traditionally verified income will usually turn to private mortgage funding.

Seek Mortgages can help if you:

  • Have a bad credit rating
  • Cannot fulfil the requirements of other lenders
  • Are self-employed
  • Are on a pension
  • Are unemployed or between jobs
  • Are between homes so require a bridging loan approved fast
  • Have other issues with your credit history
  • Have an ATO or Centrelink debt
  • Are seeking urgent capital for business purposes.

If any of these circumstances apply to you, a Private Mortgage might be the perfect answer.


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Private Mortgage


All you need to complete the application for a Private Mortgage with Seek Mortgages is your basic financial information as well as the equity or cash you are contributing.

It’s also highly recommended that you also have a strong exit plan strategy for how you will be repaying the borrowed amount.

The good news is that because we don’t require the same amount of documentation as mainstream lenders, approval for a Private Mortgage is usually fairly quick and easy.

Why Choose
Seek Mortgages?


Seek Mortgages is an Australian-based finance company offering superior private mortgages with the low-interest rates available for private lending. We have been providing financial solutions which are an effective alternative to traditional lenders for many years, with direct access to many private lenders throughout the country.

Seek Mortgages provides almost anyone with valid alternatives to borrowing money from mainstream mortgage providers such as banks and credit unions. No matter what your current financial circumstances may be, we can likely assist if you are having difficulty getting approved or you anticipate a challenging mortgage situation with your bank.

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