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A self-managed super fund (SMSF) home loan from Seek Mortgages allows you to use your super to purchase an investment property. The returns made from the property are funnelled back into you super, which is an ideal method for increasing and accelerating the growth of your retirement savings.

If you have a SMSF, but there isn’t enough money to purchase an investment property outright, using it for a loan is a viable option for many. Otherwise, if you’re considering establishing your own super fund, a properly structured SMSF loan to acquire a real state asset will allow for capital growth and return.

There are some strict rules and regulations with an SMSF loan, which makes them more complex than regular loans. However, these can be easily explained when you speak with one of our property specialists at.


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How Does an SMSF home loan Work?


The goal of setting up an SMSF fund is to provide additional funds for your retirement, which means that all investments must directly benefit fund members.

Seek Mortgages can help you fund an SMSF Property Loans, which will then contribute money to pay for the initial deposit as well as legal costs and stamp duty. Your SMSF home loan will also pay for the body corporate fees, property management, interests, insurance, maintenance, rates, and any other expenses which are incurred during the entire investment process.

Fund members can access the SMSF funds after they meet the preservation age release conditions at the time of retirement, which differs depending on which year you were born.

smsf home loan

Benefits Of SMSF
Home Loans


There are several benefits of using an SMSF home loan as part of a strategy for investing funds. The program takes responsibility for the management of the property, just like it was any other investment in real estate.

A property investment that is super-leveraged can borrow money for the initial purchase of residential or commercial investment property. It will be held in trust until the loan has been completely repaid and the legal title is reassigned to the SMSF.

Contact the property finance experts from Seek Mortgages today and find out if our adaptable SMSF home loans could be the perfect method for you to increase your future retirement fund.

Keep Accurate


There are some limitations regarding additional contributions which depend on your age which vary year by year. Penalties can be charged when contributions exceed these limits.

You’ll also need to make sure your records are always up to date. You also need to keep records of any other projects that the fund undertakes, and that you always comply with any additional rules and regulations each year when you are lodging your annual return with the ATO.

Talk to one of our specialist lending managers today about how our flexible SMSF loan products could be an ideal way to reach your fund’s investment goals. We make sure to listen and understand your needs, and our individually tailored service ensures we offer the best deals based on your situation.

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